India leads the world !

Yesterday, 21th June was international Yoga day. This is prominent success of the Indian soft power and efforts of the new administration under Modi. We should take notice of how skillfully Modi is rearranging our foreign policy and putting India on the world stage. His and his governments efforts have given India a voice and deserved place in the world community.
PM Modi visited 19 countries till now in his first year. In this era of globalization, India cannot grow without cooperation from the world. That is why Modi’s farsighted foreign policy comes into.
Separated by Himalayas, both India and China hosted ancient civilizations and cultures. It was never logical for both countries to remain just a third world country. China acknowledged this 10 years earlier and opened its doors for industry. Now China is considered second superpower after US. India followed suit, but the system never was friendly with businesses. Modi is changing this fast and in a elegant way.
Most experts see India as a counter to China, at least strategically. This is not correct. First of all, India is not quite ready to counter China even economically. Secondly, both countries can cooperate and that is in their best interests. India must take help from China from in many areas. Most importantly how they use their manpower.

More importantly Modi government is aware of global terrorism threats. Voicing concern over spread of terrorism, Modi said, “The menace of terrorism has become enemy of humanity. People are being killed in every part of the world (due to terrorism). Who will apply balm on their injuries, who will give them a hope to live in this crisis?,” he asked.
“Only those whose ancestors have said ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (the world is one family),” he said. “It is in our DNA. We should make them recognise this.” So we can expect India’s increasing role against terrorism in years to come.

Modi administration wants India to be part of security council of UN asap. He is pursuing this aggressively since day 1. Interestingly, every country except pakistan supports India’s candidature for permanent seat. Then what’s the catch? Catch is India wants the seat with Veto power. Modi has become very aggressive about it and we can sense this in his speech in Bangladesh. He said there is no logic keeping 1/6 of world population outside the security council.
Security council reforms are complicated. Germany, India and Brazil and South Africa all want the seats in the council. But veto power gives right to stop any action of the UN. Giving Veto to all these nations will mean stopping ALL action by the UN. Hence major reforms are due in UN. But these reforms cannot be done before new US president takes over in 2016. So Modi have to wait for long time, it seems. But he will get his seat before 2019 for sure!
Modi’s agenda with Pakistan is also very clear. Tit for tat approach is the best way to keep Pakistan in its limits. Otherwise that failed state can even resort to nuclear adventures. Part of that we can see in the tactical nukes they are developing.
So foreign policy of India is going places. But domestic dirty politics will go on.

— Chinmay

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Hello world! My first post!

This is my very first post. I wanted to start blogging for long.
I want to start the blog by some one liners. Hope you enjoy it!

• Life is a long journey, and path is more important than destinations. In fact, path is the destination.
• People might say you are successful. People might say you are failure. Don’t believe them!
• If you are technology geek, you must be good at relationships . Cause you must know how to interact with world’s best supercomputer ever known.
• When in doubt, just do it.
• Never be too busy to enjoy life.
• Music is the most powerful magic. (Thanks Prof. Dumbledore)
• You are part of the universe. Universe is in you. Atoms within you made at big bang  billions of years ago.
• Change is only eternal thing.
• If you are engineer, never go for perfect solution. Go for optimal solution.
• Best way to do something is to start doing it, now.
• Knowledge is power, Technology is might and Science is the ultimate philosophy.
PS : All one liners above are inspired. So, some plagiarism possible!

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned!

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